Paper & Dispensers

We offer a comprehensive range of paper and dispensers to meet all your hygiene and cleaning needs. Our diverse selection covers a wide array of products, including paper hand towels, domestic and dispenser toilet roll, centrefeed rolls, and dispensers.

Paper is hygienic. Through using a paper dispenser, compared to air dryers, the spreading of germs can be reduced. Although many air dryers are marketed as ‘no-touch’ solutions, the air produced for drying hands can actually increase germ spread.

They are also a great solution for areas where staff need to wash their hands regularly, as they can serve multiple people at once (there is no need for queues as once a hand towel has been taken, they can move away). This is particularly important in high traffic areas.

We pride ourselves on sustainability, and our eucalyptus paper does just that. Less Eucalyptus trees are needed to produce the same quantity of paper, compared to standard pulp. This means our eucalyptus paper is more sustainable compared to other alternatives.

Whether you’re looking for hygienic solutions for your home, office, or commercial space, our paper and dispenser category has everything you need. We prioritise quality, durability, and functionality, so you can trust our products to meet your cleaning and hygiene requirements effectively. Use our paper and dispensers for a clean and well-maintained environment.
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Waste Sacks & Bins

Our extensive range of waste sacks and bins provide a comprehensive solution for all waste management needs. We understand the importance of hygienic and efficient waste disposal, and strive to offer products that are durable, reliable, leak-resistant, and tailored to meet diverse requirements.

We prioritise the quality and functionality of our waste sacks and bins. We aim to provide solutions that make waste management convenient, hygienic, and environmentally responsible. Whether it’s for residential, commercial, or specialised settings, our range of waste sacks and bins is designed to meet all needs.

Our collection includes a variety of waste sacks designed to accommodate different types of waste. From standard sacks and bin liners, to clinical waste sacks and compactor sacks, we have options for every type of disposal.
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Skincare Products

We offer a variety of skincare products designed to sanitise and protect your skin. The collection includes both stand-alone bottles and refillable 5L bottles, offering the utmost convenience.

Our skincare range is designed to keep hands clean and germ-free, to protect against infections and promote a healthier environment overall. Our comprehensive skincare range can provide peace of mind with an extra level of protection.
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Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning equipment plays a vital role in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in various environments. We offer a comprehensive range of equipment designed to simplify and enhance your cleaning routines. From brooms and mops to cloths and scourers, we have the tools you need to achieve efficient and effective cleaning results. 

We prioritise the quality and durability of our cleaning equipment, ensuring that our products are built to withstand regular use and deliver reliable performance. We understand that different surfaces and spaces require specific cleaning approaches, and our range encompasses a variety of tools to address these requirements. We strive to provide cleaning tools that make cleaning tasks easier, more efficient, and more hygienic.
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Cleaning Liquids & Fresheners

When it comes to maintaining a clean and fresh environment, our range of liquids and fresheners are a must-have. We offer a wide array of products designed to tackle various cleaning challenges.

Whether you’re dealing with tough stains, grease, bacteria, or general dirt, our powerful and effective cleaning liquids are formulated with advanced ingredients to deliver exceptional results. Whether you need a heavy-duty degreaser for stubborn stains or a gentle floor cleaner for delicate surfaces, we have you covered. Our liquids are designed to deliver remarkable results, leaving your space spotless and hygienic.

Additionally, our fresheners bring a delightful fragrance to your surroundings, creating a pleasant and inviting environment.

When you choose our liquids and fresheners, you can trust that you’re investing in products that are not only effective but also safe for both humans and the environment. We prioritise eco-friendly formulations without compromising on performance, so you can clean with confidence.
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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential for ensuring the safety, protection, and well-being of individuals in various environments and industries. We offer a comprehensive range of PPE items designed to provide the necessary protection for different tasks and situations - from gloves and masks to first aid supplies.

We understand the importance of reliable and high-quality PPE in promoting safety and protecting individuals in various situations. Our range of PPE items is carefully selected to meet industry standards and provide optimal protection. By choosing our PPE products, you can have confidence in their performance, durability, and ability to keep you safe.
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Wipes have become an indispensable tool for everyday cleaning and hygiene needs. We offer a diverse range of wipes designed to provide convenience, effectiveness, and versatility. Our selection includes wipes for various purposes, ensuring you have the right product to tackle any cleaning task.

With their disposable nature, wipes offer a hygienic option for single-use cleaning, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.
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Gloves are an essential protective tool that services a variety of purposes across different industries and daily activities. They offer a barrier between skin and potentially harmful substances - providing safety, hygiene, and comfort.

We have a wide range of gloves designed to meet various needs and preferences.
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Numatic Products

We are an approved Numatic dealer, allowing us to supply a selected range of the renowned Numatic machinery and accessories.

Reliable and sustainable products, with high performance you can always trust.

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