Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions are split into two sections:

Payment Terms


Basis of Contract

The customer is responsible for ensuring that the terms of the order and any applicable specifications submitted by the customer are complete and accurate. The customer is also responsible for giving us all necessary information and/or instructions in respect of the goods or the supply/delivery of them to enable us to deliver the goods in accordance with these terms.

These terms apply to all contracts between us and the customer for the supply and sale by us to the customer of any goods, to the exclusion of any other terms or conditions that the customer seeks to impose or incorporate orally, under any purchase order, confirmation of order, specification or other document, or which are implied by trade, custom, practice or course of dealing.

The customer’s order constitutes an offer by the customer to purchase products from us in accordance with these terms. The order shall only be deemed to be accepted when we issue a written acceptance of the order, at which point the contract shall come into existence. Nothing in these terms and conditions shall be construed as an obligation on us to accept a customer order.

Any samples, drawings, descriptive matter, or advertising produced by us and any descriptions or illustrations contained in our catalogues or brochures are produced for the sole purpose of giving an approximate idea of the goods referred to in them. They shall not form part of the contract nor have any contractual force.

A quotation for goods given by us shall not constitute an offer. A quotation shall only be valid for a period of 20 business days from its date of issue.

Ordering From Us

You are deemed to place an order with us by ordering via our online checkout, sending an email, or phoning the order through. We will send you an order acknowledgement, detailing the products you have ordered. Our acceptance of an order takes place when we despatch the order.


We may, in our sole discretion, accept or reject any changes requested by the customer to the order. If we, in our sole discretion, accept the changes requested by the customer.

  • (i) we may, by giving notice to the customer, increase the price of the goods to reflect any increase in the cost of the goods that is due to any request by the customer to change the delivery date(s), quantities, or types of goods ordered, or the specification of the goods;
  • (ii) the customer undertakes to pay the fair and reasonable costs and expenses we incur in the fulfilment of the customer’s order, up to the date on which we agreed to a change to the order.
  • Price

    The price quoted excludes VAT (unless otherwise stated) and other taxes and duties on the goods will be those applying at the time of delivery. At any time before delivery we may adjust the price to reflect any increase in our costs of supplying the goods no matter what the cause. All goods will be invoiced at the price ruling at date of dispatch unless a fixed price has been agreed in writing.


    All delivery times quoted are estimates only.

    If a paid delivery does not arrive you must inform us immediately, it is not acceptable to wait until the invoice is due for payment. If we fail to deliver within a reasonable time, you may (by informing us in writing) cancel the contract. However, you may not cancel if we receive your notice after the goods have been dispatched and if you cancel the contract, you can have no further claim against us under that contract.

    If you accept delivery of the goods after the estimated delivery time, it will be on the basis that you have no claim against us for delay (including indirect or consequential loss, or increase in the price of the goods). You agree to pay at the contract rate for the actual quantity delivered. You shall inspect the goods immediately upon delivery and shall within five days from such inspection give notice in writing to the company of any damage, shortage or incorrect goods delivered. If you fail to give such notice the goods will be deemed to be correct and you will be bound to accept and pay for the goods accordingly.

    Delivery and Call Offs

    We may decline to deliver if:

    • We believe that it would be unsafe, unlawful, or unreasonably difficult to do so, or
    • The premises (or access to them) are unsuitable for our vehicle or
    • You fail to pay us any money when due
    • You become insolvent
    • You fail to honour your obligations under these terms.
    • If you unreasonably refuse delivery, we may charge you for the cost of the delivery and treat your refusal as cancelling the contract. If delivery does not take place, either on the contact date or not at all, because you are at fault or for reasons beyond our control, we may store and insure the goods at your expense. We may deliver the goods as soon as possible, but we have the right to sell them after a period of 14 day’s storage. We may, in any event recover our storage and insurance costs, either directly from you or from any proceeds of sale.

      If you require storage or call off facilities or both, the goods will be invoiced to you when delivered or collected and our normal payments will apply.

      If you fail to accept delivery of the goods then, except where such failure or delay is caused by a Force Majeure event or our failure to comply with our obligations under the contract, we shall store the goods until delivery takes place, and charge you for all related costs and expenses (including insurance) of storage.

      If we store the goods we may make a monthly storage charge beginning two calendar months after the date of our original invoice and calculated at 1% of the invoice price of the goods for each month that the goods are not delivered or collected. You are to pay us by credit card or cleared funds before delivery unless you have an approved credit account.

      If you have an approved credit account, subject to status, payment is due no later than 30 days from end of month in which the goods were invoiced, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

      If you fail to pay us in full on the due date:

      • We may suspend or cancel future deliveries
      • We may cancel any discount or retrospective rebate offered to you
      • We may add a charge of £25 each time a cheque is returned or represented
      • You must pay interest (if applied to the account) at the rate equivalent to that set for the purposes of s6 of the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.
      • A) Calculated (daily) from the date of our invoice until payment.
      • B) Compounded on the first day of each calendar month; and
      • C) before and after any Judgement (unless the court orders otherwise).

      If you have a credit account, we may withdraw it or reduce your credit limit or bring forward your due date for payment. We may do any of those at any time without notice.

      We have the right to allocate any payments you make against sums you owe us in any way that we choose.

      Queries on Invoices

      Any queries on invoices or proof of delivery requests must be made in writing within 5 days of receipt of invoice, it is not acceptable to have a query or request a proof of delivery when payment becomes due. Insolvency of Buyer While you owe money to us or if you become insolvent, we have a right to keep any property, we may hold of yours until you have paid us in full (a lien) of stoppage in transport, and of resale.

      At the end of 14 days from the day we tell you that we are exercising a lien, we have the right to dispose of the property as if beneficially entitled to it and to apply any proceeds of sale to any money you may owe us.

      You are to indemnify us in full and hold us harmless from all expenses and liabilities we may incur (directly or indirectly and including finance costs and legal costs on a full indemnity basis) following any breach of your obligations under these terms.

      Retention of Title

      Legal title to the goods that we have supplied to the customer shall remain with us and shall not pass to the customer until

      • (a) we receive payment in full (in cash or cleared funds) for the goods and any other goods that we have supplied to the customer in respect of which payment has become due, in which case title to the goods shall pass at the time of payment of all such sums;
      • (b) the customer resells the goods to a purchaser at arm’s length in the normal course of its business, in which case title to the goods shall pass to the customer immediately before the time at which resale by the customer occurs;
      • (c) the customer uses the goods in the normal course of its business, in which case title to the goods shall pass to the customer immediately before the time at which such use by the customer occurs.
      • (d) the issue of legal proceedings by us against the customer for recovery of payment for the goods in question, in which case title shall pass to the customer immediately before such proceedings are issued. You must keep the goods in satisfactory condition and so that they are clearly identifiable as our property.

      You must insure them (against the risks for which a prudent owner would insure them) and hold the policy on trust for us. Until title to the goods has passed to you, you may use these goods and sell them in the ordinary course of your business, but not if: We revoke that right (by informing you in writing); or You become insolvent. You must inform us (in writing) immediately if you become insolvent.

      We may at any time before title to the goods passes to the customer, enter your premises to remove the goods or, at our request, deliver them up to us.

      We have your permission to enter any premises where the goods may be stored:

      At any time to inspect them; and


      The goods are at your risk from the time of delivery

      Delivery takes place either:

      • At our premises (if you are collecting them or arranging carriage); or
      • At your premises (if we are arranging carriage)

      You must inspect the goods on delivery. If any goods are damaged (or not delivered) you must inform us in writing, or verbal communication confirmed by a member of our team, within five days of delivery.

      You must give us (and any carrier) a fair chance to inspect the damaged goods.

      You must also supply us with photos of any damage or in the event of the goods being incorrect against what is outlined in the order confirmation.


      We warrant that the goods comply with their description on our acknowledgement of order form; and are free from material defect at the time (as long as you inspect the goods at time of delivery).

      If you believe that we have delivered goods which are defective in materials or workmanship, you must:

      • Inform us (in writing), with full details as soon as possible and no later than 14 days; and
      • Allow us to investigate (we may need access to your premises and product samples)

      If the goods are found to be defective in material or workmanship (following our investigation and you have complied with conditions above in full) we will (at our option) replace the goods or refund the price.

      To the fullest extent permitted by law, we shall not be liable whether in contract, in tort, (including for negligence or breach of statutory duty), misrepresentation (whether innocent or negligent), restitution or otherwise to the customer for any indirect, consequential or special loss, costs, damages, charges or expenses (including, without limitation, loss of profits or revenue, loss of business, loss of contracts and/or loss of reputation or goodwill) that arises under this contract; the goods or any part thereof (or any use made of them); and/or any other liability (including non-contractual) howsoever arising under any legal theory whatsoever arising out of or in connection with this contract. Our liability shall, all circumstances, be limited to and shall not exceed the price of the goods under the contract.