Maximise your cleaning efforts with sanitising wipes

Maximise your cleaning efforts with sanitising wipes

‘Visible cleaning’ has become the watchword of our industry, with many businesses opting to employ staff to sanitise high touch areas throughout the day, as well as clean at night. Cleaning during the day presents a unique challenge, as staff must be swift to remain unobtrusive.

Ready-to-use wipes can provide a distinct advantage in these situations:

  • They’re convenient for staff to use since wipes are premoistened with the sanitising or disinfecting product and don’t require any premixing of chemicals before use. Wipes that do not require the surface to be rinsed after use can also speed the process up.
  • Wipes can be used to sanitise irregular-shaped surfaces that are hard to spray uniformly, such as doorknobs, handles, knobs or computer mice.
  • Wipes do not create dust or mist during use, so there is no need to worry about inhaling chemicals.

Where to use wipes

Turn to wipes when frequent and fast sanitisation of hard surfaces is needed or for objects that are hard to wash or spray uniformly (like door handles or railings), for example:

  • Tables
  • Electronic screens
  • Food-prep areas
  • Large appliances
  • Coffee machines
  • Desks
  • Door and cupboard handles
  • Chairs
  • Toilet seats

Product selection is vital – cleaning managers must select products that target pathogens common to their facilities, such as Salmonella or Listeria in food environments, or Coronavirus in general settings.  Products with a rapid contact time, kill germs rapidly, meaning surfaces are safe to use again almost immediately.

Multiple uses

Wipes are suitable for use in hospitals, nursing homes, dentists’, doctors’ and vets’ surgeries, hospices, home care and the food industry.  A range of convenient tubs, packets and dispensers allow wipes to be placed on cleaning trolleys, dotted around workspaces or stored in kitchen cabinetry, so they’re always on hand when needed.

Kills >99% of all germs

Rapid cleansing solution

Durable yet soft


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