Is your workplace sustainable?

Is your workplace sustainable?

Recent studies have found that eight out of ten office employees would like their workplace to be more environmentally-friendly, and around 60% believe that their colleagues would also react positively to more eco-friendly practices by employers.

Top workplace sustainability gripes among staff members include a lack of food waste bins, computers left turned on all day and night, no options for recycling used paper towels, and no provision for charging electric cars.

46% believe the green initiatives taken by their bosses are often an afterthought.

“Over the past 18 months there has been a definite shift in our general attitudes towards how to be environmentally friendly.  People seem to be taking the issue more seriously than ever before. Working from home has prompted people to give more thought to their own actions towards the future of the planet, and it seems many had assumed their employers would do the same. We spend so much time in the workplace that it's a perfect place to set an example”

What steps are YOU taking in your workplace to work towards a more sustainable environment?

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