Effective washroom solutions that enhance customer perceptions

Effective washroom solutions that enhance customer perceptions

Businesses have realised that keeping their washrooms clean is just the start, and that creating a pleasant and hygienic environment will have a positive effect on customers, guests, and employees.

But therein lies the problem: the range of facilities and equipment required to do this can fall beyond the capabilities of in-house teams or the remit of building service contractors. Instead, businesses are turning to specialist suppliers like Blake & White, for support.

Good washroom management will always be based around regular cleaning to maximise hygiene, remove unsightly soiling, and prevent unpleasant odours. Choosing the right combination of products is important, whether these be for routine or problem-solving tasks.

Ready to use products can be convenient, especially for occasional use, but using concentrates to prepare solutions on-site for routine tasks can help to reduce costs with many other sustainability benefits; and we can advise on the best combinations from our extensive range.  Alongside traditional washroom amenities it is now commonplace, especially in retail and hospitality, to find baby changing facilities, air fragrance devices, and a whole range of other equipment designed to improve the ambiance and enhance perceptions of cleanliness.

Since the start of the pandemic, for example, many businesses have requested ways to eliminate viruses, bacteria and other pathogens from the air while also improving its overall quality and adding pleasant fragrances. This can create a safer and enhanced environment but requires specialist equipment that must be configured and serviced correctly by qualified technicians to maintain efficient performance. Demand for improved sustainability is also driving change, as typified by the growth of waterless urinals. The switch is rarely simple and effective solutions might incorporate devices to deal with the urine and residues, prevent splashback and eliminate odours. Solving washroom problems like this is an increasingly specialist task.

Washrooms always have a significant impact on customer perceptions, and the pandemic has heightened and highlighted the importance of hygiene.  Building on the base of good cleaning with additional amenities and facilities can make a real difference that customers will notice and appreciate.

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